Mastering the Art of Signwriting is a series of new online signwriting courses designed to assist lettering artists to develop and improve their signwriting skills.

Mastering the Art of Signwriting has been created by Liane Barker, a trade qualified female signwriter with over 40 years experience in Traditional Signwriting, Gilding and Sign Design. When not travelling the world and teaching this craft, Liane owns and operates her own traditional signwriting and gilding business in Brisbane, Australia

There are five courses included in the series, each with three lessons, covering Foundation Skills, Lettering Skills, Advanced Skills, and Professional Skills.

The full series will be rolled out over a period of 12 months providing a comprehensive guide to assist you in the process of signwriting with confidence. This program is perfect for anyone beginning their sign journey or those looking to take their signwriting skills to the next level.

Start your journey today with my introductory course

Mastering the Art of Brush Skills,

available for purchase HERE

The Five Skills-Based Courses will be be available for purchase either one course at a time or as a bundle and all lessons can be completed at your own pace.

COURSE 1 "Mastering the Art of Brush Skills" is available for purchase HERE!

In this course you will learn:

Brush skills, The Six Essential Brush Strokes for lettering, Tools of the Trade and Brush Care. 


In this course you will learn:

Letter construction and marking out, proportion and spacing.

COURSE 3 - MASTERING THE ART OF LETTERING (to be released in a few months)

In this course you will learn:

Signwriting Casual and Block lettering, Signwriting Script and Serif lettering and learning how to Create a Decorative letter from a Basic Block Letter before Signwriting your own letter of choice.

COURSE 4 - ADVANCED SIGNWRITING SKILLS (will be released by the end of the year)

In this course you will learn:

The Basics of Colour Theory for signage, Design and Layout for signage and Surface Preparation for various sign substrates.



In this course you will learn:

Basic Gilding Technique for surface gilding, Basic Gilding Technique for glass gilding plus Quoting and Materials for various sign production.

There will be an online community for feedback and connection as well as the opportunity to work one on one through private coaching sessions after completion of the full program.

"Liane is a brilliant teacher and awesome mentor. My skills and knowledge have improved exponentially. She teaches you the foundations so you can build all other skills from there."

Rosalie H, Australia

"The online zoom course I took with you
in 2020 was absolutely critical
to my skill development.
I would not be doing this for a living
if I hadn't learned from you."

Jess Marsh, Hired Hand Signs, USA

Brush Skills

Learn the essential brush strokes

required to create the perfect hand painted lettering and with regular practice will help you

signwrite with confidence

Letter Construction

Learn about correct letter construction, proportion and spacing so that your lettering is legible to the viewer.

Lettering Skills

Once you have mastered the art of brush skills and marking out lettering you will be well on your way to signwriting your first lettering.

Design & Layout

Learn how to create eye catching layouts from simple copy using the fundamentals of sign design and layout

Decorative Lettering

Learn to create decorative lettering from a simple block letter and how to add shading and colour to make it outstanding.

Basic Gilding Techniques

Learn the basics of water gilding on glass and surface oil gilding to elevate your signwriting.

Hi, I’m Liane Barker

I am a second generation Trade Qualified Signwriter with over 40 years experience in Traditional Signwriting and Gold Leaf.

I am passionate about passing on my knowledge, time, and skill to lettering artists across the globe who are looking to learn this incredible craft. 

In this course, I offer detailed, step by step instruction which will assist you in gaining a full understanding and the skill required to start your journey as a signwriter or maybe you just want to try something new.

My hope is after you complete this course, you fall in love with this age old craft and help keep it alive for generations to come.

When I am not teaching or travelling the world, I am home running my own traditional signwriting and gilding business in Brisbane, Australia as well as helping my daughter renovate her unit. In my spare time I enjoy flipping furniture and adding a 'touch of gold' to both furniture and interiors.